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NURSING SCIENCE is often overlooked because it is not readily identifiable or describable. The challenge is to define nursing science succinctly, without jargon, and without using the word nursing. The goal is to make the field visible and understandable to scientists in general. Defining nursing science is not a simple task because of the lack of consensus among nurse scholars as to its essence. Some would define it as the study of a particular type of nurse-client interaction, others as use of a particular theoretic model or philosophy, and, others, as using a specific methodology.

This field of study focuses on scientific research in nursing as well as practice. Whether you are looking for a research-oriented degree in the field of nursing, want to improve your understanding of the healthcare industry or are looking to pursue a management position,

A degree in nursing science may open up career paths in teaching, research and healthcare management. Graduates of these programs may pursue positions as chief nursing officers, directors of nursing, services patient care coordinators or quality assurance nurses.

Nursing science is a branch of science that deals with the principles and applications of nursing and related services. The bachelor's degree prepares nurses for a broad variety of official roles and graduate be taught. Path work involves nursing science, research, leadership, and associated sciences that inform the practice of nursing. It also provides the student with general schooling in math, humanities and social sciences.

Nursing science consists of systematized knowledge that is required to be organized and accurate, it is preferred to have more knowledge than needed, rather than less knowledge and it is needed to confidential, especially if it is related to a patient. The Science of nursing is used directly as well as indirectly when applied in nursing practice.

Nurses are called to perform relational work. Therefore, the motivation to keep that art in us should be continuously burning. We have the power to heal the sick. An effective nurse is one who gives nursing care independently and collaboratively with other healthcare teams.

The art of nursing comes in as a nurse independently does his or her job. The options s/he considers in taking a certain action and ultimately the action s/he does to respond to patient needs are the art of nursing.

It is in the nurses’ hands to promote positive changes in patients. Everyday we are faced with patients who are in different conditions. In this case, individualized nursing care is noteworthy. Knowledge is not enough. Compassionate care is paramount.

Nursing science focuses on generating knowledge of health promotion, aiming to maintain and improve health, alleviate suffering and create conditions for a peaceful death. Nursing care affects all people in some way throughout their lives. Nursing care is about attitude and action. Nursing care exists in the action itself and in the relationship of the human encounter. Nursing care can be described as a living human action. There is a need for it when an individual needs help with a situation and other fellow human beings provide that help. It is very important that health care providers view the individual from a holistic perspective and consider the whole situation, instead of focusing on only poor health or medical conditions.

Nursing care actions span a wide spectrum, ranging from highly technological interventions to support in existential crises. This means that individuals should be ensured good and secure care based on their needs and the current situation. There should also be knowledge and practical skills to perform these nursing care actions.

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