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Cosmetic Science is an exciting new applied science course situated in the Fashion / Beauty Business

Cosmetic science is the study of the effects that raw materials and mixtures can have on parts of the human body like hair, skin, lips and nails. In recent years, cosmetic scientists and associated workers have been trying to advance the field in a positive way. Professionalism and ethics are a large part of this field because of the public protests with animal-related testing and the use of animals in the manufacturing of cosmetic products.

The program of Cosmetic science emphasizes formulation chemistry concepts and strategies from raw materials to finished products. The product development process, global regulations/challenges, sales and marketing, biological systems and claims substantiation as well as sensory evaluation are key topics within the program

Cosmetology studies relevant aspects of chemistry, physiology and dermatology as well as the regulatory marketing and business framework for cosmetics. You’ll also be introduced to the principles of formulation, with an emphasis on those related to cosmetics.

Cosmetology is all about

Science – The anatomy of the hair, skin, and nails is one of the very first things you’ll learn in cosmetology school. Further along in the program, you’ll start learning about chemistry. All of the beauty products you’ll be using on clients include chemicals. You have to understand the ingredients and how they might interact so you can explain the process to your clients and make certain that you don’t make any chemical mistakes that could harm them.

Hair – As a cosmetology school student, of course you’ll be learning all things hair. You’ll learn a variety of different cuts, both short and long, using both shears and razors. You’ll learn how to formulate hair color, drawing from your chemistry lessons, and how to apply highlights and lowlights. You’ll learn how to give the perfect blowout, along with a variety of different finished styles, like braids and updos. It’s not just women’s hair that you’ll be working with. You’ll learn popular men’s cuts and styles, too!

Skin – Most cosmetology programs go far beyond just hair. As a cosmetology school student, you’ll also be learning about the basics of skin care. You’ll learn how to diagnose and treat different skin conditions, how to perform a variety of facials, and how to use different hair removal techniques. Makeup is also an important part of most cosmetology programs. You’ll learn how to recreate a variety of trendy makeup looks, highlighting, contouring, and creating special effects through makeup application.

Nails – Nail care is incorporated into most cosmetology programs. That’s because manicuring and pedicuring are subjects that are included on the State Board of cosmetology exam, which you’ll have to pass to get your cosmetology license.

Your new cosmetology career depends on you being able to pass the State Board exam. That’s why as you near graduation, your cosmetology instructors will be focused on fully preparing you for the exam. They’ll teach you tips and tricks for passing it, prepare you for the types of questions you’ll see, and possibly give you a practice exam before the big day. That’s exactly what they do in the cosmetology program at Bene's International School of Beauty.

Cosmetologists are trained and licensed to perform cosmetic treatments to the hair, skin, and nails.[2] This can be expanded into multiple parts including cutting and chemically treating hair, chemical hair removal without a sharp blade, fashion trends, wigs, nails and skin care, skin and hair analysis; relaxation techniques including head, neck, scalp, hand and feet basic massage and aroma therapies; plus ability to expertly apply makeup applications to cover or promote and can expand into further specialties such as reflexology; theatrical applications; cosmetics and others as listed below. A cosmetologist is someone who is an expert in the care of hair and makeup as well as skincare and beauty products. They can also offer other services such as coloring, extensions, perms and straightening. Cosmetologists help their clients improve on or acquire a certain look by applying advance trending aesthetic applications. Hair stylists often style hair for weddings, proms, and other special events in addition to routine hair styling

Aestheticians are licensed professionals who are experts in maintaining and improving skin.[3] An aesthetician's general scope of practice is limited to the epidermis (the outer layer of skin).[4] Aestheticians work in many different environments such as salons, med spas, day spas, skin care clinics, and private practices. Aestheticians may also specialize in treatments such as microdermabrasion, microcurrent (also known as non-surgical "face lifts"), cosmetic electrotherapy treatments (galvanic current, high frequency), LED (light emitting diode) treatments, ultrasound/ultrasonic (low level), and mechanical massage (vacuum and g8 vibratory)

Studying cosmetology is the first step toward a career that has a wide range of opportunities. Whether you’re working side-by-side with other stylists, helping celebrities look their best for the camera, or doing the hair and makeup for your clients while they share new, interesting details about their lives, being a stylist is mostly about people. Working with people you like. Helping people you enjoy. And making a great living in an exciting profession that is always offering something new to learn.

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