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Discover how America has built his empire
through struggle and innovations

The establishment of the North American colonies had very different meanings for colonists, native peoples, and enslaved Africans. The late nineteenth century saw industrial expansion, appalling conditions, and an exploited labor force.

The twentieth-century emergence of a suburban society of consumer abundance meant a better life for many, yet left behind crime-ridden inner cities and spawned a stultifying mass culture.

While American popular culture has demonstrated global appeal, the projection of U.S. military power abroad has sometimes failed in its purpose and damaged the nation's international standing

From the colonial to the modern era, we examine the key events, actors and themes of the American past. You can study the American Revolution, the Civil War, expansion across the continent and abroad, the New Deal and WWII, the civil rights movement, and the Cold War. Our aim is not only to understand the complex historical forces which have shaped the United States, but also the history of a world which continues to be decisively affected by American influence and power.

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