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Food Science and the Culinary Arts is a unique reference that incorporates the principles of food and beverage science with practical applications in food preparation and product development. The first part of the book covers the various elements of the chemical processes that occur in the development of food products.

If you like to experiment with food and enjoy creating delicious and innovative recipes, this major might be right for you. It is a food science-based degree in which you build a strong foundation in science while learning basic culinary skills.

You will study food chemistry, nutrition, and food microbiology, as well as food safety, sanitation, quantity food production, and fine dining management with courses in food science, human nutrition, and hospitality management.

As a culinary food scientist, you will be prepared for employment in food research and development, food marketing, test kitchens, and much more. You’ll gain real-world experience by completing an internship in food science or the culinary industry.

The pace of our society has shifted eating habits from traditional home cooked meals to a demand on convenience food. With the explosion of culinary awareness consumers have set much higher standards on the quality and convenience of the foods they select. The demand for home cooked/restaurant quality foods made quick, delicious and convenient is now the standard sought by consumers. This demand on the food industry results directly in a demand to employ chefs for their cooking expertise and scientist for their technical expertise.

The great benefit of Culinary Science training is that it outweighs all the competition because it’s the best of both worlds. As a culinologist one not only has the scientific understanding of food processing but also the much-valued understanding of culinary arts. Combined together this opens a spectacular opportunity to work in the food industry. The passion of food shared by culinarins allows one through their research and development to impact the food culture, a great example is Chef Boyardee who started his carrier as a chef and with the help of technology brought canned pasta and sauce to where it is today.

The food science world is a unique industry offering a great working experience in its many kitchen-laboratories. Included in this environment are all the benefits of corporate America with endless opportunity for individual carrier advancement, and most of all the satisfaction of a food lover’s passion of working in the kitchen.

With changes in how we cook and eat the fields of culinary arts and culinary science appear now to be merging into one. Many famous restaurant now have cooking laboratories on their premises, while universities and colleges around the country are beginning to offer degrees in culinology ( a degree program that blends food science and technology with culinary art).

Interest in food science has grown in recent years because of the increasing awareness of the vital role of food in the health, well-being, and economic status of individuals and nations and people's curiosity and desire to try new and innovative food dishes. Food science is the study of the chemical composition of food and food ingredients; their physical, biological and biochemical properties and and the interaction of food constituents with each other and their environment.

Molecular Gastronomy is the application of scientific principles to the understanding and improvement of small scale food preparation. The term was invented by the Hungarian physicist Nicholas Kurti in a 1969 presentation to the Royal Institution called "The Physicist in the kitchen", and popularized by his collaborator the French scientist Hervé This.

Culinary Science or Culinology is a program that focuses on the blending of food science and the culinary arts and that prepares individuals to work as research chefs and related research and development positions in the food industry. Includes instruction in culinary arts, food chemistry, food safety and quality, food processing, nutrition, and business management.

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