❖ Xnview: image processing ❖

One of the best free software for your pictures and photos (Xnview)


Xnview: image processing
Xnview: image processing, conversion, and batch rename.
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3 "Xnview: image processing"
Xnview: image processing

XnView is a free software for viewing, editing and converting images. It was developed by Pierre-Emmanuel Gougelet.Il few clicks can perform many transformations and changes of entire lists of images. To read more you can go here> XnView wiki>

1- Many functions are provided by this program

❖ Here is a screenshot of the program XnView

sexy XnView

2- One of the most useful features : the "resize" function

❖ This feature allows you to resize whole lists of images to the size you want and can therefore simultaneously reduce the weight of your images. It is effective enough to save space while maintaining image quality or photos.

resize power

3- Another very useful function: the "batch rename" function

❖This feature allows you to rename lites entire image depending on which model you choose. This is very convenient and very easy-to-use. Once you've chosen the type of name that you want to rename your images: the software is only a few seconds to rename everything.

batchrename power

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PS: screenshots are only examples.

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