Mooc Universitas is based

on the power of crowdsourcing

Learn online at your own pace thanks to the crowdsourcing

Once a course is typed

It is easy to share the notes

All kind of fields to learn and exams to assess your skills

Lots of courses on

Any kind of subjects

Never stop to learn MOOC Free university is here to help you in this quest

Access easily

any of the courses

Access easily all the courses notes from the MOOC App

Read a course from

Wherever you are

Read the courses across any of your devices (mobile, tablet, smartphone...)

Wether you are young or old

You can learn at any age

All kind of levels are available from beginners to expert and scholar

Study alone or with a friend

The more the merrier

Study alone or with a friend, The more the merrier MOOC Power


Knowledge is free is available for all from wherever you are