Recipe of the cocktail bijou

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Jun 2, 2012

Recipe of the cocktail bijou

Recipe of the cocktail bijou (cocktail)
Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook time: 00 minutes Yield: 2 glasses
Nutrition facts: 45 calories, 0 grams fat


Recipe of the cocktail bijou

The ingredients are the same as for the cocktail amber dream


This recipe is similar to the cocktail "amber dream",
because the ingredients are similar, but not the result.
Once your ingredients out of the fridge, first pay
in a glass of gin and liqueur. Here the cocktail is realized
even glass. Then gently add the martini.
For your cocktail is successful, the ingredients must remain
separated from each other.
Normally your cocktail must have a nice shine
as a "jewel" hence the name of the cocktail.

To read more about this cocktail, click here > cocktail bijou (wiki)

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