♥ To-love-ru quiz ♥

Wich to-love-ru girl should you date ?

═► Would you prefer dating a girl who is ... (Choose only 1)
Younger than you
Around the same age as you
Older than you
Pretty regardless of how old she is

═► Would you prefer dating a girl who has ... (Choose only 1)
Black hair
Pink hair
Yellow hair

═► Could you be in a harem ? (Choose only 1)
Yes i could
No this is shameful
I think it could be fun
I guess i could try

═► If you had to choose, would you prefer... (Choose only 1)
An echii girl
A flower girl
A neko (cat) girl
A real woman
A kawaii (cute) girl

═► Would you prefer a girl who is... (Choose from 1 to 2)
Shy but determined
Pretty but pretentious

PS: this is my first time creating a quiz (...)

Also i didn't have the time to include a lot of characters
That's why there are only 7 possible results (characters).


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